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Enterprising Hands Essay

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Creation story tells us of how God had an idea of creating heaven and earth for the purpose of creating a world where we His friends would dwell and partake of His nature and splendor for the aim of a fruitful, productive and rewarding fellowship; It was a great Idea, He thought to Himself, but He needed this idea to take physical form, grow, succeed and accomplish its intended desire and I could imagine God who is Omnipotent, All powerful, Self Sustaining and Almighty! Coming up with a plan that He had to engage the pen of eternity to write down, research, survey, build supporting policies and systems that after millions and thousands of years, man and all man’s inventions rely on this framework to ultimately succeed, but I could only wonder WHY? Why would God, who has no need for a plan or a system to “become” what He wants to “become” design a plan and system for His idea to as it were become a reality and an eternal success. The reason is not far-fetched; He was from the beginning laying a pattern for growth, success and accomplishment to whatever plans our hearts can fathom; vision our eyes could see; and work our hands could handle. What an ENTERPRISING God we serve!
A phrase common to public speakers and motivators today goes thus; “Never tell a youth that something is impossible for then he’ll prove you wrong” I think of the likes of Mark Elliot Zuckerberg of facebook (28yrs), Marishane Ludwick of dry bath (21yrs), Cobhams Emmanuel Asuquo of CAMP (31yrs), Toyosi Akerele of RISE NETWORK (29yrs), Ubong Essien of SOE, Gbenga Sesan of PIN (25yrs), Adichie Chimamanda (35yrs) etc…. It goes to show that there’s more to the youths than being a Christian, having potential, energy, dreams, foresight, beauty and finesse, rather we must, today, begin to engage our plan, work it out, build policies and systems around it and become for us to get there….. the world awaits our manifestation as Christian Youths
To be enterprising demands an...

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