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Environmental Awareness Essay

  • Submitted by: Seonad89
  • on August 9, 2015
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1. Introduction
2. Personal Action Plan
3. References
1. Introduction

(Question 1)
Sustainability is the commitment to conserve an ecological balance of resources required to fulfil life for the current population of the world by preventing the depletion of essential resources (renewable, natural or non-renewable) as well developing new ways and strategies in which these resources are used (and conserved) by future generations.

Sustainability is important to society as the resources that we use in the present day must not be exhausted for those in the future.
Investment in the essential resources will result in a balance of the 'Three Pillars of Sustainability'.

The three pillars are:-
1. Social;
2. Environmental;
3. Economic.

In regards to the 'Social' pillar, impacts will be made to;
  Rise and fall of (un)employment rates;
  Availability and standard of education and training delivered and received;
  The opportunity to receive appropriate health care;
  The freedom to express human rights and grasp the opportunity of equality throughout life.

The 'Environmental' pillar will allow impacts to be made to:
  The rate at which renewable resources are harvested and used;
  The rate at which non-renewable resources are being used and the research into finding alternative/substitute resources that can be used;
  The rate at which pollutants are affecting watercourses (rivers and seas) and the air.

Impacts made to society through the 'Economic' pillar include:
The lifestyle choices and the standard of living;
The profit and losses made to businesses;
The availability and standard of housing, education and medical care.

In regards to the 'Three Pillars of Sustainability', the 'Principles' of living a sustainable life are:
  Improvement on the quality of human life;
  Showing respect and care for all life on Earth;
  Keeping within the carrying capacity of the Earth;
  Ensuring the Earth's diversity is...

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