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Enzyme Reaction Essay

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ps into the test tubes, the amount of drops placed may have been too many if notdone carefully. Also, when placing the drops into the test tube, bubbles may havecame out instead of the H2O2 causing there to be not enough dropped into the testtube. Another error may have been in temperature, when the hot water began to cooldown and become room temperature.Discussion:In this lab the hypothesis was “If H2O2 is added to the enzyme as a substrate,then the enzyme reaction rate will double (from 5 drops to 10 drops the slope willdouble and from 10 to 20 the slope will double once more) and if the enzyme isplaced in an ideal temperature, then the reaction rate will further increase” wasproven true. The lab group tested the enzyme’s reaction to a substrate (H2O2). Whenseveral drops were added, the rates of reaction increased by almost double each 5-10drops, this was expected as the H2O2 catalyzed the reaction, when the data wasshown on the graph, it was clearly visible of the exponential group between the dropsand amount of oxygen produced. Next, the group used a beaker with boiling water asa hot bath, and then lowered the temperature to about 55 degrees, then the testtube with the substrate and enzyme was placed into the hot bath. After, the solutionwas placed into a bottle to record the amount of oxygen produced over three minutesfor the tests of 5, 10, and 20 drops of substrate. In part two, the enzymes wereheated, a clear decline in slope when placed in a hot bath was noticeable—most likelydue to denaturing of the protein. Thus, the hypothesis was accepted for this lab,although the enzyme was denatured it demonstrated that it was not at its idealtemperature.Discussion Questions:1. Changing the concentration of enzyme affects the rate of decomposition of H2O2 because the rate should be highest when the concentration of enzyme ishighest. With higherconcentration of enzyme, there is a higher chance of an effective collision between

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