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Epidemiology Essay

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Epidemiology can be defined as the study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events (including disease), and the application of this study to the control of diseases and other health problems. Various methods can be used to carry out epidemiological investigations: The Epidemiologic Triangle is a model that scientists have developed for studying health problems. The triangle consists of three parts the first being called the agent or the “what”. The agent is the cause of the disease. When studying the epidemiology of most
infectious diseases, the agent is a microbe—an organism too small to be seen with the naked eye. Disease-causing microbes are bacteria, virus, fungi, and protozoa. They are what most people call “germs.” The second part of the triangle is known as the host or the “who” is an organism harboring the disease. Hosts are organisms, usually humans or animals, which are exposed to and harbor a disease. The host can be the organism that gets sick, as well as any animal carrier (including insects and worms) that may or may not get sick. Although the host may or may not know it has the disease or have any outward signs of illness, the disease does take lodging from the host. The “host” heading also includes symptoms of the disease. Different people may have different reactions to the same agent. For example, adults infected with the virus varicella (chickenpox) are more likely than children to develop serious complications. The third and final portion of the triangle is the environment or the “where”. The environment are those external factors that cause or allow disease transmission.   The environment is the favorable surroundings and conditions external to the host that cause or allow the disease to be transmitted. Some diseases live best in dirty water. Others survive in human blood. Still others, like E. coli, thrive in warm temperatures but are killed by high heat. Other environment factors include the season...

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