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Epilepsy Essay

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Below is an essay on "Epilepsy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1.08 Varying Activity Preferences Essay

I have found that a person’s culture can impact on which physical activities an individual participates to stay healthy. Different cultures bring different set of ideas, mindsets and traditions that can influence on one’s physical activities. In other countries some might vary on which activities they participate more in. For example, in places like India or Africa because there isn’t much transportation in existence the majority of the people might walk or ride bicycles to get to one point to another. Unlike in the United States there’s a whole lot of different transportations you can take to depend on which they happen to participate in less physical activities.

Interview #1 The first interview was a young man at his 18 years of age that comes from an Italian background. These are the questions I asked: 1) What different types of physical activities do you participate in? I take long jogs in the morning and long runs in the evening and I like to play volleyball and basketball whenever I’m able to manage my time for it. 2) Which of the physical activities is most important to you? Why? The physical activities that are most important to me in my personal opinion are running and jogging.3) How many different physical activities do you do in a week? I usually do two or three physical activities depending if I’m able to manage my time to do them, which is basketball, volleyball, and walking. 4) What kind of sport is considered to be most important in your cultural background? The most important sport in my country is considered to be football. 5) Do you think participating in physical activities is important in order to stay healthy? Why? Yes I do think its very important in fact in my country people are always trying to be on their best fit and they keep track of the calories they eat.

Interview #2 The second interview I did was from an middle age woman in her fifties that comes from an Asian culture. These are...

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