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Carl Tyler
Block: 4th
Date: 2/3/12 Title: Death penalty
In our society, there are many cases where we have to punish the criminal so that they would learn their lesson and stop committing crimes. There are many different ways of punishing the criminals and one of them would be the death penalty. The issue of the death has been going on ever since the early days. Some people support the idea of the death penalty and others who feel that the death is a bad decision and it deals with our moral issues.

It is a cruel punishment and we should be able to come up with another punishment in replacement of it. We should abolish the death penalty from society. There are many cases of death penalty when an innocent suspect is being sentenced to death. It is unfair to the innocent people and their family to have them executed for something they did not do. What about if this was one of your family members?

If the courts of justice were to misjudge a person and claim them to be guilty, they cannot fix their mistake once that innocent person is killed. Executing an innocent is just as wrongful as any individual who kills a person out in public. Also that’s considered as murder because the judge has killed someone, like they say “Two wrongs don’t make a rite “, so that’s why I consider that the death penalty is not the best choice.

In conclusion all criminals should be penalized in order to preserve justice. Murders are criminals therefore they deserve to be punished for their crime not with the death penalty. Murders shouldn’t see another day of life and suffer, we can deprived the murders of their freedom and throw them in prison for the rest of their lives.

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