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  • Submitted by: kbouya
  • on September 19, 2012
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25-03-2012: A dream – like adventure
« People want a theatre “; this was the famous call for which Tunisian professional artists, institute of dramatic arts’ graduates, and even simply theatre –lovers braced up wholeheartedly. With cheerful faces and strong will to provide the crowd with   lively   performances and worth-watching shows   , we headed   to the theatre municipal   after a long and tiring day of rehearsals , our spirits full of aspiring   tenacity to   insufflate   delight   among the audience . Surprisingly to our high expectations, we found ourselves standing in an unpredicted situation, that of the “us” facing the “other”.   A bunch of long-bearded men , popular enough   presently to be known as “Salafists” , swarmed the opposite side of the street and started to set out for their march which allegedly supported   the denouncement of the Saint   Quran ‘s desecration .   Sooner, as we were performing and trying our best to keep peace present, diatribes begun to be exchanged between both sides.   Indeed , two veiled fellow-actresses were even threatened explicitly of slaughter and   who were incredibly   frightened at the sight of a pack of suspicious bearded- men with black gloves sending   dirty looks and obscene words to them particularly . Under such stressful conditions, we carried on performing until the end. Shoes, eggs, and insults were nothing in front of hearing the crowd clapping, supporting us with their soothing smiles and gazes at our remarkably fearful faces. I, personally, have always regretted the priceless chance of missing the honor to take to the streets on the 14th of January.   However, to witness such a legendary day and be part of it was the proudest thing ever that could happen to a theatre-lunatic like me . Many in fact wondered constantly about the origin of the clash and assigned it primarily to the fault of the Home Affairs minister in giving way to two extremes   dramatically face each other . Still I   see what took place on the...

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