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The crusade is a series of holy wars between the Muslims and the Christians, fighting for the land of Jerusalem. The First Crusade was launched in 1095 by Pope Urban II to check the advance of the Muslims and regain control of the city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. In addition, ended around about the 13 century. There are many series of the battle of crusades such the first crusade, the second crusade, the third crusade and the forth crusade. In addition, there was a children’s crusade that also took place during the battle.

In the year 570, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born in Mecca. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) turned 40 he had received a message from God. These were the rules of the new religion. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had then told many of his friends and family about this new religion many followed and the religion had spread really quickly. Before you knew it, there was thousands of Muslim converting to the religion Islam. Afterwards in 623 Prophet Muhammad died but still there were many Muslims. The Muslims had then captured Palestine then The Muslims had also captured all of North Africa. Soon in 750, the Muslims had controlled all of central Asia (as far as the boarders of India and china)

During the year 1095, the first crusade began when the Turkish Muslims denied the arrival of the Christians visiting the holy land. This announcement made the Christians very angry also made the eastern Emperor Alexius I very worried. The Turks had already begun to capture parts of his empire. Alexius I had asked Pope Gregory to help him find strong enough men to fight the Turks, but Pope Gregory was not interested so Alexius I had asked Pope Urban and he was willing to help.

Pope urban had wanted more men to join his fight in capturing Jerusalem. Therefore, what he decided to do was he announced a speech, and promised every man who reached Jerusalem will have all their sins removed and go straight to heaven for fighting for your country. This speech made all men...

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