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The Metamorphosis, which reports the main character Gregor Samsa discovery that he has become a giant insect, sets the tone for the rest of the story. Gregor embodies this absurdist tone from the very beginning. When he first knows his transformation, he doesn’t appear significantly bothered by it, and treats it almost like any ordinary disturbance to his sleep. Then, Gregor’s humanity extends to Gregor himself, and much of the section involves Gregor trying to reconcile his human emotions and history with the physical urges of his new body. The story’s final scene has a hopeful tone, and it culminate in an image that suggests Grete’s own metamorphosis into a woman is complete. The story concludes with Grete stretching, and act that suggests emerging after a long period of confinement.
      In this story, Gregor is struggling trying to adapt to both the human and insect world in this story. The story is based on a man’s transformation into a giant beetle-like insect. Gregor is a symbol to portray the common theme, or idea of the outcast in the society. In this case, he uses startling and bizarre images to illustrate this concept.   At that point, his body is shaped like an insect but his thoughts and feelings are still those a human being. The author describes the details of Gregor’s human life clearly. Gregor is a traveling salesman and the main character of the story. Gregor hates his job and keeps it because of the obligations he feels to pay off his father’s debt and care for his family. He has transformed into a large bug and spends the rest of his life in that state. Although hideous and unrecognizable to other, Gregor retains his some of his inner life and struggles to reconcile his lingering humanity with his physical condition.
      The perception that a bug is perceived as a mindless systematic creature, a metaphor for the way Gregor lives his life, and acts in society. This short story, by Franz Kafka illustrates how one can get lost in their roles...

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