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As we all know the black plague, whihcwas caused by rats and fleas, was a tramatzing disease that affected Europe in the dark ages (dates). It caused agnzoing symtopmts and most certainly death. It shaped europes history forever.

In 1333 the plague the plague erupted in china ans from there it worked its way to Europe. The disease spread like any other thing, it traveled through trade. The plague comes from fleas on rats that carries the disease. The rats first made their way to Europe on boats form China and the plague slowly moved more inland. In 1347 intailin traders brought to plague to Sicily and spred it to Milan and flouence it also made its wayt o middle eastern countries. It makes it way throughout Italy and by 1348 it has hit France Spain Portugal and England. By 1351 disease has made its way alcross Europe including the Netherlands and Russia.

Since the plague took over Europe another large outbreak didn’t happen until three centruies later. In the 16 hundres the Great plague of London broke out kill arounf 31000 people in its first 3 months. A year later in 1666 the great fire of London killed most of the disease rats and people causing the disease to die out.

The plague killed over one third of Europe population. It shows how a disease can effect us and how no one was safe from it.

1333 the plague erupted in China
1347 italian traders form the east carried the plague with them to Sicily , from sicily it spread to other inland cities like Milan and flourence
1347 outbreaks in middle east occurred gaza lebian jersulum
1348 the plague arrived to Avignon France, it entered the county in through ports
1348 arrvies in Piza
1348 the plague reaches   southern ports
1348 Genoa in Venice
1348 it arrived in Marseille
1348 it hits france Spain   Potugal and England
1348-1350 spred through Germany and scandnvia
1349 reaches Norway
1351 hit northwestern Russia, spairs Poland and parts of Belgium and Netherlands

The Great...

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