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  • on January 24, 2013
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Miguel   A Galvan
November 21, 2012
Essay #4
Word Count: 459

Dogs vs Cats, Making the Right Choice.

Dogs and Cats are probably the most popular pets in today´s household. It is always difficult to decide between what kind of pet is best for family. Both pets are good choices but if you make the wrong choice you will have problems in the near future.   To make the right decision it’s important to compare them on some points for example; pet as a companion, another point could be protection of his owners and finally expenses.

Dogs and cats are good companions, both like to be around their owner, but the difference is that dogs are more sociable than cats. Dogs enjoy more the company of their owner and like to play at all times, they never get tired and can run for long periods of time. On the other hand cats tend to be calmer and, quieter. You probably won’t see a cat playing fetch the ball with his owner.   If you want to play outside and run around the park, dogs would be the choice, but if you seek a quiet more calm pet to just sit with you on the living room, then a cat would be the choice.

The next point to compare is the protection of his owners. Cats are not for protection because it’s not in their nature to protect their owner. Maybe from time to time a cat could scratch somebody, but this is more as a protection of himself against another pet or person. It is not a reaction to protect his owner.   In contrast all dogs do have that protective feeling. In this point of comparison dogs are much better than cats.

The final point of comparison is   expenses. Owning a dog or a cat is expensive, you have to pay for special food, take them to the veterinarian for annual check-ups and vaccines, buy toys, sand boxes, have protection at home to prevent them from running away, leash for dogs, tags and so much more. Expenses may be similar on both but depending on the size of dogs this would   increase your expenses. It’s not the same to have a small dog...

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