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  • on January 26, 2013
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| 2012 |
| ENG 101
Emma Jean Cooper

[Thesis statement] |
  Specifically speaking about college students, sleep deprivation has an overall negative impact on the academic performance, success, and happiness of many college students. |

Imagine working only 20 hours per week, rushing to leave work to get home to clean or babysit your younger siblings, and study for exams and mid-terms creeping up sooner than they seemed. Imagine staying up all night to study and complete your final project(s) and still managing time for extra-curricular activities, and then rushing a big game to make it to work on time. Now at the end of the night driving home, but you’re so exhausted that you run into something or someone, you swerve in and out of lanes. It happens. Being too tired for safety should not ever occur; but that among many other issues occurs because as college students the days seem shorter and the nights longer and filled with many more things to process than we would like to handle.   As college students we are not excluded from the stresses that our daily routines bring to our lives outside of our required coursework. The stress we experience causes many of us to sleep less the recommended and proven amount (7 to 8 hours according to McKinley Health Center) which is proven to be an indicator for why we have such negative mood swings, sudden health issues, a drop in our GPA, lack of general safety, a lack of joy, and our general life performance un-knowingly changes. Although the numbers for students attending college continues to rise the research unfortunately reveals an increasing amount of students not getting enough sleep which has a negative impact on their overall grades.   Specifically speaking about college students, sleep deprivation has an overall negative impact on the academic performance of many college students.
Although the many reasons for the sleep pattern deprivation and decrease range depending on the student(s) and their different...

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