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Ecological values of mangrove
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Mangrove ecosystems represent natural capital capable of producing a wide range of goods and services for coastal environments and communities and society as a whole. Some of these outputs, such as timber, are freely exchanged in formal markets. Value is determined in these markets through exchange and quantified in terms of price.

Mangroves in Puerto Rico
Contents  [hide]    * 1 Ecological Values       * 1.1 Marine Fisheries       * 1.2 Wildlife Habitat       * 1.3 Improving Coastal Water Quality       * 1.4 Protection of coastlines and Development   * 2 The role of mangroves in New Zealand       * 2.1 Intrinsic and unique values       * 2.2 Benthic fauna of mangroves       * 2.3 Fish fauna of mangrove ecosystems       * 2.4 Use of mangroves by birds       * 2.5 Role of mangroves in sediment trapping and erosion prevention   * 3 Mangrove management       * 3.1 International level       * 3.2 Ramsar Convention       * 3.3 Marine Protected Areas (MPA)       * 3.4 National level       * 3.5 Limitations of management   * 4 See also   * 5 References   * 6 Notes |
[edit]Ecological Values
The ecological values of mangroves in most tropical countries have been qualitatively well documented and recognised. However there is little quantitative scientific data to back this up. Most of the evidence is observational and anecdotal.[1]
[edit]Marine Fisheries
Mangroves provide nursery habitat for many wildlife species, including commercial fish andcrustaceans, and thus contribute to sustaining the local abundance of fish and shellfish populations[2]. In Selangor, Malaysia 119 species were recorded as associated with...

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