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  • on January 27, 2013
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I do not believe that money buy happiness although it does make life less stressful, it doesn’t necessarily make people happier. It is obvious that if you have less money problems you will have much less stuff to worry about, which allows you to have more time to enjoy the things you like to do. Like spend more time with family, friends, playing sports, working out, or traveling; these are the things that lead people to be happy. Money cannot acquire complete happiness for us because money alone is not a package deal. It is unable to buy us true love, genuine friendships, or family, which are important parts to true happiness.

Money does not buy happiness, but it does buy peace of mind which is why most of us are trying to get the education that we need to get more money.   Having peace of mind to provide for our children, to have what our parents could not have, and what they could not give us. Many people say money does not matter, if it didn’t matter many of us would be ok to work minimum wage jobs and there would be no need for colleges. Most of us are looking for that peace of mind and trying to be lawyers, doctors, and pilots, for what? Because we know there is money behind those kinds of jobs.   The degree we get assures us that our family will be ok, bills will get paid, there would be food on the table, and our children will have a good future. Money does not buy happiness but money buys the American dream and money makes the self made man.

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