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Essay About The Riouts In England 2011

  • Submitted by: t0music
  • on February 20, 2012
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Essay about the riots in England
What do young people think when they loot shops, fight against the police or destroy their community? How do they feel when they see someone losing all he has worked for his whole life? Are the riots just caused by bored kids or do deeper problems exist in society? Is there starting an unstoppable vicious circle of poverty, unemployment and economically suffering people or are there other reasons for these shocking events? A lot of questions like these concerning the riots which took place in England in the last few weeks were asked by most different people in the whole country. For a lot of questions there are even more answers, because everyone has his own opinion. In this essay I’m going to analyze some statements and facts we read or watched in the past lessons and give my own opinion about the reasons for the riots.
It all started when Marc Duggan, member of a gang, drug dealer and black, was shot dead by a police man without any reason. Many young people in London went out to the streets and demonstrated peacefully. But then somehow the situation changed and masked people began throwing stones and other missiles at the police. Until today it’s not clear why the peaceful protests escalated into violent riots. After the riots came the looting. Across London windows were smashed, and shops emptied. The next few days the riots expanded to the whole country. In many big cities, like Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol, people went to the streets and caused damage. They had fights with the police, destroyed public buses and trains, burned houses and looted shops. We watched some video material about it and it looked unbelievable. The pictures remembered me of the Second World War. How is it possible that things like these are still happening? People must have very big problems when they do something like this. But at this point the opinions are divorcing. Because some people consider that the riots are caused by the...

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