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Essay on Thirtten Reason Why

  • Submitted by: simonchan56
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: English
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Your Name: Simon Chan     Section:C     Date:1/6/12


Title: Thirteen Reasons Why

Author:                                                 Color Code: G

                  MY REFLECTION

  A) A one-paragraph summary of what unfolded in this week’s reading.
  B) 3-5 paragraphs about the most meaningful idea from your reading this week.   You may choose to write about: characters and their relationships, challenging personal dilemmas or conflicts, the author’s writing style, something that you learned, or themes.
    ➢ Use the following skills to aid you as you develop your thoughtful interpretations:   Asking deep questions & developing insightful answers, forming opinions, making connections, making predictions, visualizing and making inferences.
    ➢ You must include specific examples from the text to support your interpretations.
    ➢ You must include one direct quote to support your thoughtful interpretations.

Throughout Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why, Hannah Baker endures the effects of an inaccurate, rumor-based reputation, which thus results in her incapability to trust and be trusted by others. Equally paired with this failure of trust, is Hannah’s loss of her safe havens. These safe havens have comforted Hannah in her weakest and most vulnerable moments. Now gone however, there are no longer safe places for Hannah to escape from the reality of her life. With no trust and no sense of security, Hannah succumbs to suicide.

The back corner table in Monet’s Garden Café and Coffeehouse once symbolized a secluded, private, safe haven for three friends: Hannah Baker, Alex Standall, and Jessica Davis; three newcomers to the town, who bonded during the first few weeks of school. “…Monet’s Garden was our safe haven. If one of us had a hard time fitting in or meeting people, we’d go to Monet’s. Back in the garden, at the far table to the right” says Hannah (Asher 62). Monet’s...

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