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Essay - Soci

  • Submitted by: sociology2013
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Make recommendations for the health education of children based on your personal stand/view.
Based on our stand being that we believe that both girls and boys should be vaccinated, here are some points on education.
Education both male and females about the HPV virus, specifically that it affects both males and females as well it is spread through skin to skin touching, not just intercourse. It has minimal symptoms so it’s hard to detect by self examination

The most important people to educate are the parents or caregivers. Parents focus too much on the word sexual activity and not on the benefits of the protection it will give their children.
HPV contributes to 80% to 90% of anal cancers.
HPV contributes to 40% to 50% of penile cancers.
HPV contributes to 35% of oropharyngeal cancers.
HPV contributes to 25% of oral cavity cancers.
The human papilloma virus, or HPV, causes disease and death from cancer in both men and women.
In January, 2012 the National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommended HPV vaccination for males aged nine to 25.

Why is HPV vaccine recommended at ages 11 or 12 years?
For the HPV vaccine to work best, it is very important for preteens to get all 3 doses (shots) long before any sexual activity with another person begins. It is possible to be infected with HPV the very first time they have sexual contact with another person. Also, the vaccine produces higher antibody that fights infection when given at this age compared to older ages.

What resources are available in your community to address this issue? How is this issue currently addressed in your community? Is it being dealt with effectively

Alberta Health Services.
Family Physicians
Alberta Health Link
School Nurse
Community Health Nurses
Currently we are focusing on ONLY vaccinating girls; We are administering the vaccine to girls in grade 5 Our community is not effectively dealing with HPV, we are currently only...

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