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Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA Semester 3
Subject Code – BB0012

Subject Name – Management Accounting

4 Credits

(Book ID: B0093)

Assingment Set –1   ( 60 Marks )

Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.

Q.1   Explain why management accountant role is critical in an organizational setup?   [10 Marks]

Answer:- Management accounting measures and reports financial and non-financial information that helps managers make decisions to fulfill the goals of an organization.

Managers use management accounting information to

• choose, communicate and implement strategy

• coordinate product design, production and marketing decisions

• Management accounting focuses on internal reporting

• Management accounting is future oriented.

              Strategy specifies how an organization matches its own capabilities with opportunities in the marketplace to accomplish its objectives

• Strategy examples

• Quality products or services at low prices (WestJet)

• Unique products or services at higher prices

• Management accountants provide information to

management such as

• Who are our customers and suppliers

• Sensitivity of market to price, quality and service

• Industry characteristics (size, growth).

Q.2   From the following data of Jagdish Company prepare (a) a statement of source and uses of working capital (funds) (b) a schedule of changes in working capital   ?

|Asset                                           |2008                                           |2007                                           |
|Cash                                           |126000                                         |1,1400                                         |
|Short-Term Investment                           |42400                                           |20,000                                         |
|Debators                                       |60,000...

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