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Essays Essay

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Below is an essay on "Essays" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Writing Essays: A. An Essay is a piece of prose composition, generally short, on any chosen subject OR an attempt at expressing your thoughts on a given topic. An Essay is nothing but a collection of paragraphs in an orderly manner. It must have an end i.e. an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. C. i. ii. You should always bear in mind the following points: Study the subject carefully. Do not start writing the essay straight away. Analyze the subject so that you get a clear and accurate idea of its scope. iii. Make notes of the thoughts are or ideas that pass through your mind when you think over the subject. iv. Arrange your idea logically paragraph-wise. v. Develop each point in a separate paragraph and see that one paragraph logically leads to another.


vi. Think of a short and striking introduction. vii. And finally attempt a forceful and effective conclusion. All this requires a mental activity on your part and you must learn to use your ability to think clearly, to imagine properly and to arrange your ideas and thoughts in an orderly manner. You should bear in mind the following points before you start writing an essay. i. Always stick to the main theme. e.g. if you are writing an essay on ‘The Advantages of Advertisement’, do not write on the disadvantages, simply point out what is meant by advertisement, then give kinds of advertisement and state the advantages with examples whenever necessary.



ii. iii.

Do not imitate, your style should be your own. Never use a word which you do not understand the meaning. A word wrongly used may make nonsense. Be careful about the punctuation. For instance: The Judge says the criminal should be hanged. “The Judge”, says the criminal, “should be hanged.” So it is clear that punctuation marks can be often changing the meaning of a sentence.


How to Begin an Essay: Generally students find it difficult to begin an essay. Once you begin, we can go on...

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