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Eth 125 Week 7 Check Point Essay

  • Submitted by: miwilson
  • on January 24, 2013
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The first web site I found information about the official language movement was at a site called “Associated Content”. This web site made the point that to become an American citizen one must pass an American history test in English, so what is the point in trying to teach people in other languages? This article focused both education and political reasons for the language movement.
     The next web site I visited talked about the official English-only movements during the 1900’s towards immigrants from southern and Eastern Europe. The example they gave was Nebraska’s 1920 constitutional amendment declaring English to be the official state language. By 1923 thirty-four states had laws declaring English the language of school instruction. Today most states in the US have established similar laws that require the use of English in certain situations, like testing for occupational licenses.
    The next web site went to talks about the impact that the English-only movement has had on minority children, their families and the educators working with these children. The main point of this article is that children that do not speak English and are thrown into a situation where they are expected to speak English when nobody at home speaks the language can greatly reduce the chance of achieving academic success. 
      The last site I found talks about some special-interest lobbies and how the English-only movement stands out from other movements because the origins of this movement do not stand out like other movements like the Tobacco Institute. They explain that groups like the National Council of Teachers of English and other groups oppose the English-only measures. However groups like U.S. English are in favor of English-only legislation. Public polls also show that 85% of all Americans are in support for English-only.



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