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Ethical Dilemmas Essay

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In the ethical dilemma 1, an employee named Gayle Dornier requested to meet with me in confidentiality via email. Ironically enough, there were several emails from other employees in the company of a possible situation involving Gayle and a male employee. The issue that I was facing in this dilemma was how to answer Gayle’s request for confidentiality in my meeting and doing so without jumping to any conclusion because of the emails received by me from other employees. Analyzing the facts and identifying the problem can help reach an appropriate solution to the matter.
In order to solve this dilemma I decided to uphold Gayle’s request for confidentiality in our meeting and carefully analyzed the issue by looking at the problem itself in small parts and determining what mattered the most from the information gathered. Doing so, I was able to narrow my choice down to the conclusion that the issue was solely how to address Gayle’s request for confidentiality.
In this simulation I used the Rights and Responsibilities Lens. This lens influenced my decision by allowing my to use my intuition and reasoning skills to determine what would be the best possible solution for the greater good of all parties to be affected by this situation. The parties that would be affected need to know that I will take care of the issue with tact and without causing harm to Gayle or any other employee and/or stakeholder. Using the results lens it allowed me to encourage Gayle to open up and talk about the situation so that I could help her with her problem.
Concepts from this simulation may relate to my workplace because there have been some instances where people felt as though they were being harassed but was not sure if that was actually the case. My job tries to protect all of the employees from harassment on the job whether it is sexual, verbal, or simply retaliation. From my experiences at my workplace I do not really know first hand of any instances of sexual harassment but like...

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