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Ethical Situations in a Business Essay

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Ethical Situations in Business

Ethics in a business is important to display to a company’s employees as well as to the community that it operates in. To easily put it, an ethical business does the right thing versus the wrong thing at all times. These ethics are not only in the products and/or services that it provides but also in the business practices and procedures.

Company Q is a small grocery store chain in a metropolitan area. A business decision was made to close two stores in high crime rate areas due to the loss of profits. In the stores that remained opened, after years of requests, Company Q started offering limited amounts of health conscience and organic products to their stores. A request by the area’s local food bank asked for donations of day-old products however, management declined and decided to throw the food away citing worries over lost revenue due to possible fraud and stealing by employee’s who might say they are donating the food and do the opposite.

The current attitude of Company Q’s social responsibility is negative. Social responsibility is important in a community and any entity has an obligation to benefit the society that they live or do business in. Also, social responsibility is generally a way to increase its profits. Company Q’s current attitude is not conducive to the society that it operates business in.
Three areas that could be improved by Company Q are the social responsibilities to its employee’s, to its community, and to itself.
The social responsibility that Company Q owes to its employee’s is not closing the stores in the high crime rate areas. Providing a source in an under privileged community for not only employment but also a store that consumers can find products that are more health conscience, benefits everyone involved. Unemployment in any community can be devastating as many employees of a business generally live in the same community that they work in.

Another change that Company Q needs to...

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