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Ethical Treatment of Animals Essay

  • Submitted by: robbie2010
  • on January 26, 2013
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Ethical Treatment of Animals
One of the things that families like to do in the summer is either go to a zoo or possibly go and see the circus. We sit back, watch the animals, snap some pictures and do not even think about what happens behind the scenes. We depend on these walls and protective fences to guard us while we look upon these animals, yet to the animals it is a totally different perspective. They see this as a prison, an unfamiliar place that is not the wilds of their natural homes. Even though many of these animals have been born in captivity, they still have their natural instincts and will turn on people when they have a chance. Every year in the news there is at least one story in the news that an animal either turns on its trainer, or somehow someone got into an exhibit and the animal kills that person. This paper will discuss the ethical treatment of not only zoo and circus animals, but also the animals in our own lives and what society calls ethical treatment.
Everyone at one time or another have seen or heard stories on the news about the ethical treatment of animals and what people are trying to do to stop this treatment. Whether it is puppy mills or the wrongful treatment of animals in zoos it can all hit home for us. The commercials of all the animals in the animal shelters normally pull on people’s heart strings and search for ways to help. One way that we can help is to educate ourselves on what goes on behind the scenes and sometimes right in the open that we choose to not pay any attention to. We can all help in our own way, whether it is fostering an animal from the animal shelter or to volunteer our time to help in some small way. Not every animal can be saved, but if we all could just help one animal, that life will be forever changed.
Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to this subject and different theories could be used to help resolve these issues. With utilitarianism, they believe that the choices should benefit the...

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