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Ethics Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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How many different ways can morality be defined? Louis Pojman believes that morality can only be defined one way, using ethical objectivism. In Pojmans argument for objectivism, he criticizes the counter theory of ethical relativism, which he believes to be false. Pojman lays out principles for objectivism that prove this theory to be valid, and his argument to be convincing.
“Ethical Relativism maintains that all moral principles are valid relative to cultural or individual choice “(19). In that theory, there are two forms, conventionalism and subjectivism. Conventionalists believe that moral values and principles come from your society and/or culture. Subjectivists, which are the more radical view of relativism, believe that moral values and principles are specific to an individual. These two forms are explained more in the Diversity thesis and the Dependency thesis; they are part of cultural relativism. Diversity thesis means moral rules differ from society to society. Dependency thesis means moral values depend on the society and/or culture. Relativists believe that since moral values differ from place to place that there is nothing universal or objective about them. Relativists also believe that if a certain behavior is socially acceptable than it is normal and morally good. Anything that isn’t socially acceptable, to them, is abnormal and morally bad. They believe that all moral principles are valid, if you believe in them.
Contrary to the theory of relativism, Pojman believes in and argues for objectivism. Ethical objectivism is the theory of “the universal validity of some moral principles” (19). This basically means that there is at least one universal moral principle or value that applies to all individuals. One form of ethical objectivism there is moral absolutism, which is the strongest and the more radical form. “Moral absolutism holds that there is exactly one right answer to every question” (19). Pojman believes that there is a purpose for...

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