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Ethics Essay

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Comparing with previous generation, future generations have many uncertain factors. We do not know if the future generations exist, or if they know as much as we know. Philosopher Mary Anne Warren mentions that “it is absurd to suggest that we have obligations to merely ‘possible people’.” (Desjardins, p. 77) But considering from the ethics perspective, if we care about future generations, we should try to view the world from their perspectives and we have the obligation to them. How to explain our duties to the environment according to our obligation to future generations becomes hot topic. Next, this problem will be explained from two different perspectives: utilitarian and Kantian ethics.  
In the nineteenth century, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill build utilitarian theory (Desjardins, p. 30). Utilitarianism claims to maximize the greatest good for the greatest number of human beings. Utilitarianism pays more attention to the consequences of an action. So if the good of individual or minority conflicts with the good of majority, the minority have to sacrifice their good to satisfy the majority’s. Utilitarianism has two disadvantages: no standard can quantify the greatest good for greatest number and it is hard to predict the future consequences.
When applying utilitarianism theory, whole generations can be looked upon as the majority and the good means the benefit of all generations. Our generation is just a small part of the whole generations, so as the minority, our generation should give up our good and protect the environment to satisfy the good of majority of future generations. We should carry out the sustainable development. Specifically, we should develop alternative energy sources, to save resource and to control the population for future generations (Desjardins, p. 82). Since the lack of standard measure, the greatest good cannot be calculated. And the future consequences of our actions cannot be predicted, either. In other words, utilitarianism...

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