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Ethics Essay

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Zanib Malik
Monday, October 7th, 2013
In Good Company Ethics Worksheet
  1. Describe 3 ethical issues facing the employees, management or company seen in the movie.
The three ethical issues facing the employees, management or company seen in the movie is that the new manager named Carter Duryea was replaced by Dan Foreman, a 51 year old executive who learns that his company is being restructured and he is being demoted. Carter would fire everyone just because his company wasn’t running smoothly. Although the employees were loyal to the company and working there for more than five years, they were still fired because they weren’t needed anymore. The new manager (Carter) was twenty six years old and wasn’t trained enough for becoming a boss/leader to the employees. Carter also invited himself to one of his employees’ homes (Dan’s) to have dinner, this shows that he didn’t really take his job seriously; also Carter would openly talk about his personal problems. Dan is married with two daughters and another baby on the way however this didn’t stop Carter from making his life much more stressful than it already was. Carter decided to sleep with Dan’s daughter, this is a sign of being a poor leader and boss and it is a major ethical issue. Carter changed a lot of the management in the company; he got rid of employees who were faithful to the company and changes some employees’ positions. The ethical issues in this movie affected everyone in a way.

  2. Describe 3 initiatives taken by the management in order to resolve some of the ethical issues facing company.

Some of the ethical issues facing the company were resolved because the management took initiative.   The first step taken was that the magazine was bought out by Globecom, an international corporation. This was a huge step for the management and workplace; it was an ethical issue that was resolved and taken in to consideration. A different ethical issue that had occurred was when a longtime client...

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