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Ethics and Management Essay

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Ethics Issues and Management Paper
Heather Powell-McKoy
September 2, 2012
Ms. Judith Orfao

Ethics Issues and Management Paper
      Some companies complete employee performance evaluations on a quarterly basis to ensure that employees are on track to meeting their annual goals which will determine, whether or not they will receive a pay increase.   There may be times when goals may need to change because a project is on hold, and therefore an adjustment to the employee goal is warranted.   If an employee is not on track to meeting a goal, the manager/supervisor and employee has enough time to determine if additional training will be needed.  
        According to "Moral & Ethical Challenges of a Performance Evaluation" (), “A performance evaluation is designed to be an objective tool used by management and employees for employee career development and to help the company determine staff career paths” ().   A manager or supervisor keeps a close watch on how employees perform on a daily basis and goals are set according to what is expected of the employee while performing tasks within their department.   Other factors that can also be included in performance evaluations are; is that person a team player? If he is caught up with his/her work, does he/she ask for additional work or just sits around and talks on the phone.   Basically, I believe performance evaluations is an opinion that the manager/supervisor makes as to whether or not an employee in meeting or exceeding his/her goals.   This is why it could become a moral and ethical issue.   Some companies are being proactive and trying to find ways to cut back on spending and so they have consultants that come in and give them a written report of suggestions that can cut cost.   One of the suggestions could be to outsource to another country or instead of paying one person $60,000 per year, bring in three college students for a total of $45,000 per year.   If employees get laid off then they would be...

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