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Ethics Essay

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Many people do not really understand what virtue, utilitarianism and deontological ethics mean. The actual definition for virtue theory is an individual’s character and their virtue character in which is considered for examining and researching their ethical behavior, in all reality the definition means to be good. The definition for utilitarianism would be when an individual does good deeds for the great population of people and not just for themselves, which in the long run would promote happiness too many people around. Lastly, the definition of deontological ethics is when a moral act of itself also has a moral value, for example when a person does an act of kindness simply because they want to and does not think of expecting something in return.
Although all three meanings may somewhat be very similar due to how each definition describes a person’s behavior or how a person may conduct themselves with other people and how one person’s behavior can make a difference for many other people both good or bad. These character traits or moral ethics are all related to each individual’s moral values, which in time builds a person’s personality, image and who they are. These three ethics or theory’s all address a part in ethics and morality because by having a good sized group of individuals with the same good heart, well intentions of others and are very helpful with not expecting a favor in return can possibly make an impact on others to change their points of views in life and which in time will help those individuals want to become more good hearted, more helpful and kind to others. Should that one person help change the views of another person which in time can help change views of other people, by doing so the world might become a better place with no negativity or violence.

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