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Ethics in Action Essay

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Ethics in Action
BUS 670
Dr. Lisa Barrow
August 14, 2011

When you are running a successful organization or working for an organization there will be times when one will be faced with difficult situations.   Rather we are the ones running the organization or an employee of an organization there will be some good and bad days.   There will be times when your decision making skills will be put to the test.   For example, as a business owner you will have employees that work for you.   This is the scenario; there is an employee that knows their job very well and has made your company a lot of money, but there are rumors that this employee maybe laundering money from the company.   As a leader before you fire this employee there are proper steps that need to be taken.   Of course you can’t just take the word of another employee.   There has to be a full investigation and another expert needs to come in and check the finances of the company.   As the owner of the company one would need to make sure that he/she makes the right decision, resist the request to act unethically, and lead ethically.  
Common Characteristics of Poor Decision Making
We all have seen a lot of company scandals throughout or time.   We may have even worked for some of these companies and seen their downfall over scandals and poor decision making.   Can you think of a major company that was doing well for years and all of a sudden they went out of business?   Circuit City is one that comes to mind.   Circuit City was the home of electronics, televisions, and audio installation.   Just to name a few.   Well a couple of years ago they went out of business.   Could it have been to poor decision making?   I believe it was.   When the economy took a fall the company was not prepared and financially stable to keep the company going.   There are three common characteristics of poor decision making and they are as follows:
  * Failing to Remember Goals
  * Overconfidence
  * Complexity of the...

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