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Ethics in Food Essay

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  I. Introduction
Business ethics can be seen as an important factor for many new setting up company about benefits and brands. With food industry, they are likely to emphasize about safe or healthiness which have to be protected to environmental life. Furthermore, business ethics are also refer to the right one or wrong on human behavior. Actually, many company like in Vietnam, they are often filled with vexation on social problem which the things are best for them. Moreover, consumers in Vietnam begin to think about these issues of ethic that related to their health. So, unsafe foods are buying without protecting from government.
  II. Body
  1. Root factors to changing in ethics
      2.1 Global economy
As we know, the global crisis happened and influenced to many countries on the world, but it is extremely bad to developing country with grow planning and keeping down for poor citizen. In the other hand, influencing from this problem, they would like to guarantee the surviving only with single cooking while their earning money still low. They don’t care of health much. With the hot news on newspaper like an example for this issue is the quality of unknown origin product in market like apple, grapes,

      2.2 1.3 Environmental issues

  2. Responsibility of government
We know that Viet Nam is one of the developing countries surviving many problems we still have not solved yet. The social problem a lot of people cannot still find out to solve from our government is unsafe foods. Here, with this topic, I would like to rewrite that I focus on the truth things with happening every day and extremely painful in life. Living in a society has being warned about unhealthy environment with food, everyone always worry for their relative family. In fact, business is looking for the ways how to sell and earn profit but do not pay attention on the ethics in business.
The more issue it has influenced to the health of...

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