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Ethnocentric View Essay

  • Submitted by: vogued
  • on August 8, 2015
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A part of sociology is applying concepts such as ethnocentrism to effectively understand the concept. In the foreign television show called, Secret Door, the culture is different than that of which I am accustomed to. Some personal traveling experiences have also provided insight on ethnocentrism.

The show, Secret Door is about the relationship of a king and his son during the father’s reign in Asia. In the show, the king prefers a more structured reign over his people. His son the prince has a difference of opinion and prefers a less strict way of rule which would allow equality for all citizens. Due to tensions stemming from the disagreement, it is said that the king ordered the death of his own son.
While it may be a common thing for the region in which the film is based, in my culture in the Caribbean, it is against all norms to go publicly disagree with any ideals of a parent or an adult. And even if one were to disagree with a parent or adult in the culture which I grew up in, one would not resort to execution of a loved one. As I observed the relationship of the father and son in the television show, Secret Door, I am led to naturally disagree with the practice of the family. I get a sense that I may have been more fortunate than the family depicted in Secret Door and pride that I did not have to endure the same type of fear and tension as the son of the king. As the television show relates sociologically to ethnocentrism, I do get the sense that the king’s character most likely felt a sense of superiority when it came to his own cultural beliefs. Sociologically, in my culture and what I observed from the belief of the king being in cohorts with his son’s opposing views from his own, I do belief that like my culture it goes against the grain to disagree with an elder. Although the broad ranges of ideals differ, ethnocentrism also relates here as some cultures may share one or more of the same ideals even if it only slightly resembles the other....

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