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Ethnography Essay

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Divorce and the Three Main Sociology Theories
Del Teach
SOCS185 Culture and Society
Dr. Joan McGowan
September 10, 2011

  1. Where would you place your organization on the continuum of moving from monoculturalism to multiculturalism? Why?

In principle, the handling of diversity, particularly a diverse labor force, has become a significant function in present-day corporate operations. While internationalizing, my company acknowledged prospective remunerations of having a multicultural workforce and attempts to generate more comprehensive working conditions. Assuming that diversity is for all intents and purposes about social customs and beliefs of each culture, proper replication of the labor force becomes an essential undertaking to produce a genuinely all-encompassing workplace where individuals from diverse cultures feel appreciated and accepted. The owner of my company, being a national of the country of India, is no stranger to the importance of multiculturalism in the workplace, as he has numerous companies situated throughout the world. Consequently, my company offers a concrete structure of inclusion founded on an ethical philosophy of acknowledgement and institutes the doctrines of mutual consideration, perspective multiplicity, shared empowerment, conviction, and honor.

  2. What structural changes in recruitment practices, policies, pay and benefits, holidays, work-family balance, and the like would support multiculturalism?

Labor deficiency in business transpires on occasion. Recruitment from a diverse population can counterbalance scarcity since various workers are attracted to corporations that support diversity. Multiculturalism encourages collaboration, resourcefulness, and originality. These efforts aid in expanding the markets which in turn will increase salary and benefits. Discrimination and relegating individuals of society will eventually lead to inequity and societal commotion. Multiculturalism supports an atmosphere of...

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