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Euthanasia Essay

  • Submitted by: browneyez83
  • on November 13, 2012
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Cruz 1
Angela Cruz
Eng 102 9:25-10:40
Professor Joseph Nanna
Euthanasia And How It Affects Our World Today
      Euthanasia is the self-inflicted or assisted act of helping someone to die painlessly, often occurring among people with terminal diseases which have become a very serious and important matter in our society.   Even though we have neglected it in the past, it is now being accepted in a lot of other countries especially Netherlands and Belgium who legalized in the years 2000 and 2002 respectively.   The inhumane part of us comes when people with illnesses and disabilities are the victims of such cruel way to die without being a part of the decision making.   Doctors have the option of giving their patients the choice of dieing or staying alive which sometimes can be very stressful.   I am going to be talking about the different forms of euthanasia and why some people would actually choose it as a way to end their lives.
      Euthanasia is classified into two distinct categories: voluntary active euthanasia in which case the patient expresses their desire to die and there is non-voluntary active euthanasia which is used or performed on for example babies and very elderly patient who cannot give consent of any form.   Most of these patients do not possess the qualities required to even ask questions nor to even make a much harder decision.   And then there is involuntary active euthanasia which is when either the doctors or family go against someone who is legally fit to make their own decisions.   Active euthanasia is when a

Cruz 2
chemical substance that does not belong in the body is introduced.   These substances include drugs and lethal ingestion which could be done both by the person themselves or with the aid of doctors or family members.   Passive euthanasia is when medical treatments are intentionally withdrawn even when there is the chance of the patient dying.

      Most of the patient’s way of processing information has or would have...

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