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Evaluation of Information Strategies Essay

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Effective communication is the answer when trying to convey an opinion, thought, event
or story.   In order to achieve the goal of effective communication it is important that the writer goes through the steps of evaluating the information. Throughout this course we have reviewed the important process and strategies needed to assist in evaluating information.   The purpose, process, and impact of evaluating information for my chosen topic will be explored in the following.  
Determining content and context
Production of a message must begin with shaping of the content and context. To appeal to the audience and fulfill the function of the message the audience and purpose is important to fulfill. The content is described as the message. The focus and direction of the topic must be determined at the beginning of the process. The framework of the message is considered the context.   Included in the information process is the development of content and context includes the knowledge of who your audience will consist of.   Once the audience is determined the purpose, content and context will become clearer. According to Hanson and Paul (2004) “different media formats reach different audiences” (p. 46).   This allows the media to maintain a constant message but reach different audiences by using a different media format.

Preparing search questions
Preparing search questions is essential in narrowing the focus of research. As put by Hanson and Paul (2004): “good ideas for messages come from asking a variety of questions” (p. 55). Defining the focus of the message requires the writer to find relevant sources. Finding different sources can assist in locating answers to questions that narrows the message of the topic.
“At this point in the information strategy, your task is to understand potential contributors, and in what forms – people, paper, and digital- this information can be found for each contributor type” (Hanson & Paul, 2004, p. 71). The contributors...

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