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Evan 101-B09 Forum 1 Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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John Herman
Evan 101 BO9

Summarize evangelism in the early church.
Evangelism in the early church was they allowed the community to be a part of what they was doing it did not hide from or run from its people, they knew that they was call to sever the community, and they came together each day for fellowship, prayer, and eat together with sincere heart, praising God and allowing all people to be a part of the worship service, And they depended on the power of the Holy Spirit move within their heart having the same mind set. The early church did not mind sharing the message of God.
How did Jesus approach evangelism?
Jesus focus was on those who was lost regardless of what cultural they were from, Jesus always approach with a humble heart and   speaking   the word of God convincing and convicting the lost person of their sins , then   leading them to salvation, by showing them their sins and showing them away out, by giving their life to the Christ.
How did the disciples approach evangelism?
The disciples fail to understand the role they played in being a spiritual leader or person in bringing people to Christ by way of evangelism because they over look people that they thought were not important, so they were missing out on the opportunities to make a difference in people lives just because of whom they was.
What do you see in today’s local church that is similar or different from the early church?
As we go to church today unlike the early church we sometimes tend to forget who we are or who we are serving because we   don’t like to witness to or evangelize to people that we feel are difference or because they belong to a church of difference origin or another name, We seem to look over certain people because of who they are or were they came from, And we don’t really have the fellowship now as the early church did.

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