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Evolutionary Psychology and Religion Essay

  • Submitted by: abran5
  • on November 12, 2012
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Evolutionary Psychology and Religion Essay

Religious belief has always been a universal trait of human beings. I do not know of any nation or tribe without religion that has ever been discovered in the history of mankind. At all times, mankind has respected and worshipped some supernatural existence or being whose nature is incomprehensible. From ancient Mesopotamian inscription to contemporary American christianity, the human brain along with the world we live in, have changed in so many different ways. Humanity has and always will search for a source.
Mankind’s attempts to seek for purpose are only natural. We yearn for security, and some sort of latent religious meaning to everything that is going on around us. We need to have this security to promote and enforce peace of mind. Today, we are all descendants of those who have previously searched to feel this security, or yearned to feel purpose. Our earliest ancestors searched for these securities in different ways. Ancestral priorities were staying alive, feeding and protecting the family. Those who succeeded in fulfilling these priorities would live on. Those who were aware of surroundings, constantly survived the uncertain and dangerous situations of their time. This influenced an evolution of an ability to detect an agent or a source of what is

going on around us: “In our earliest environments we regularly faced situations that were both urgent and dangerous, and in which there were no clear explanations for what was going on around us. In such situations the human mind is designed to detect agency, and to respond to the situation as if an agent were responsible” (Teehan).
This original evolutionary detection of agency was the beginning of a much bigger transformation in mankind and stands to be “the genesis of belief in gods” (Teehan).
The basis of belief in gods is certainly contorted. Original sense of relation to a higher power or deity has been destroyed by centuries of misconstrued...

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