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Exam Prep Essay

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Lyric Poetry

Archaic Art and Architecture

Ceramic Ware
In black-figure vase painting, figural and ornamental motifs were applied with a slip that turned black during firing, while the background was left the color of the clay. Vase painters articulated individual forms by incising the slip or by adding white and purple enhancements (mixtures of pigment and clay). In contrast, the decorative motifs on red-figure vases remained the color of the clay; the background, filled in with a slip, turned black. Figures could be articulated with glaze lines or dilute washes of glaze applied with a brush.

The red-figure technique was invented around 530 B.C. It gradually replaced the black-figure technique as innovators recognized the possibilities that came with drawing forms, rather than laboriously delineating them with incisions. The use of a brush in red-figure technique was better suited to the naturalistic representation of anatomy, garments, and emotions.

(Began around the 7th century & lasted to the 5th century BC)
Kouros- An Achaean statue of a naked young man in a standing pose.

Koure- An Achaean statue of a fully dressed young women (it was shameful for women to be seem nude.)

- The life size statues representing young men and women, were used as dedicatory offering to the gods or as grave markers.
- The Greeks adopted this practice of creating large-scale sculptures form the Egyptians & the near East.


These philosophers all were all interested in explaining the original substance in which was the bases for everything’s existence.

Thales (Possible founder of philosophy) He claimed that the earth is supported by water & that water was the ultimate & original substance of everything that exists.
-Lived during the 6th Century BC.
Anaximander- proposed the rival theory challenging Thales that the basic element of the universe was “the indefinite” or the “infinite”.

Anaximenes- proposed that the fundamental substance...

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