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Examinations Should Be Abolished Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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‘Examinations Should Be Abolished’
‘Examinations Should Be Abolished’

Examinations are the biggest form of evaluations at the end of a school term. Upon hearing the word ‘exams’ students get frightened the most (according to a recent survey by Education Newspaper). For this reason I believe that examinations should be abolished.
The main reason as to why I am agreeing with this statement is because examinations are no longer a real test of a student’s knowledge level. In some subjects, the exams are easy while in others they are hard. In most cases teaches set the examinations at a level in which all students can pass reasonably. This means that the not-so-smart students will float above the school’s average; the average students will pass with mediocre scores; and the smarter students will exceed on all levels.
In addition, exams are probably the most stressful part of going to school. The process of studying for an examination adds pressure on the student and many of them burn the mid night oil just to receive a mere sixty (60) to seventy (70) percent. By doing so, many students are tired on the morning of exams from lack of sleep the night before. When the brain is tired, the state of mind in which a person is in can be compared to when they are drunk. The brain does not function properly when it is over worked. This means that all the information a student may have retained very early in the morning will be of no use to them during the examination time, unless they have really good memory.
That being said, it can be concluded that exams favor students who have good memories.
During the examination period, if a student is over stressed or panicked, they will not do the exams at their full potential and would have to settle for second best.
There are other forms of assessment than written exams. Oral exams or practical work can be used to show case the speaking and working ability of students. Many students who are not very good in exams tend to be...

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