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Examine the Ways in Which Laws and Social Policies Affect Family Life Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Examine the Ways in Which Laws and Social Policies Affect Family Life" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

According to the New Rightâs beliefs, the role of education is to instil drive, initiative and enterprise. The New Right believe this will come from competition between schools and colleges, motivating teachers to improve standards and providing parents and students with a choice of schools and colleges. The New Right see them as being similar to functionalists and they believe in the freedom of the individual with less central control. They believe in free market principles within education with a desire to reduce public spending, they also believe that education as an important part in the process of socialisation. They believe that education can help socialise children through religious assemblies, the National Curriculum and citizenship lessons. The New Right wants educational policies that will increase choice with market principles to raise standards. If a school is successful, it will attract parents and children purely because it is successful. The New Right believes that all parents have the right to send their child to a successful school â hence their support of parental choice. The New Right also believes that a successful school will gather sufficient momentum to build on its successes. They also see the major role of education is the development of skills and knowledge required to compete in the outside market. They believe that schools should be managed in the same way as businesses

However, some theorists such as Chubb and Moe would argue that American state education has failed and they make the case for opening it up to new marker forces of supply and demand. They claim that disadvantaged groups (lower classes, ethnic minorities ect) have been badly served by state education due to the failure to create equal opportunity. Theyâd argue that state education is inefficient because it fails to produce pupils with the skills needed by the economy and private school deliver higher quality of education because, unlike state schools, they are...

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