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Executive Summary

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Executive Summary
Patient safety is very important in healthcare. “Patient safety is the absence of preventable harm to a patient during the process of health care” (WHO, 2015). This summary is going to explain a new quality improvement initiative that this author would like to put into place. It will include but not limited to the purpose of the project, the target population, the benefits of the project, the cost or budget justification, and the basis upon which the project will be evaluated.
The target population for the program will be every surgery patient at the surgery center. The program that will be presented is to add wristbands that are colored coded for different patient alerts. As of now in our facility a wristband is used for identification of the patient’s name and the procedure that will be done. This author believes that color coded wristbands should be added for allergies, no blood pressures or IV sticks on that arm, and fall risks. There are common colors throughout the health care field such as red for allergies and yellow for fall risks. This author believes that it would be a good idea to stick with those colors to keep it consistent with other facilities. White for no blood pressures or IV sticks could be used along with the others. These wristbands will promote patient safety.
Patient safety is so very important. If there is any way to increase patient safety it should be done. Color coded wristbands are used in health care to quickly communicate a health care status. On the wristbands the medication allergies will be printed on the red wristband. Fall risk will be printed onto the yellow for those individuals. An assessment will be done to determine a fall risk patient. There have been times that the nurses here at the surgery center have taken a blood pressures on the arm that should not have been used because they were unaware that the patient had a medical condition that contraindicated this.   The use of these color coded...

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