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Exercise, the Body, and Its Skeletal System Essay

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Below is an essay on "Exercise, the Body, and Its Skeletal System" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Ryan Gonzales
Mrs. Larsen
English 1101-113
August 10, 2012

Exercise, the Body, and Its Skeletal System
There are many points of view as to the negative and positive effects that exercise has on the body. The one thing that is a fact is that exercise has become a huge push in today’s society. The thing that has a lot of people urging to get to the gym or on a bike trail is for the health aspect of it. This has been proven to reduce many diseases, even as well as prevent them all together. The only thing that most people do not think about is the long and short term negative effects to putting too much strain on the body and its skeletal system? How can we make sure that what society is pushing on us is truly beneficial?  
In every marketing tool out there the health aspects of exercise are pushed. In the article “The Effects of Exercise on the Skeletal System,” by Ultra-fit Magazine it states, “Consistent exercise increases range of movement in the joints as well as increasing bone density which can decrease chances of Osteoporosis in later ages in life.” It also states that, “Often, after long periods of immobility, our joints “dry out”.” As our bodies evolve and produce the natural elements to get stronger with exercise, we allow self-healing and preservation. There are so many advantages to building your own natural elements of healing to ourselves.
In the article “Short-Term Effects on Bones and Muscles during Exercise,” Nicole Waldo states that, “The skeletal system acts as a “shock absorber”.”   She goes on to explain how low resistance exercise and steady paced movements are crucial to building bone, and to producing joint fluids so things do not wear down. Exercises such as swimming are great for the body primarily because it does not require the “shock absorbing” aspect of the skeletal system yet it still causes the body to react as if it were being used. You must stretch properly and make sure your body is warmed up before you get going on any...

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