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Exp 5 Essay

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  • on August 4, 2015
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1.1 Explain why it is important to recognise and respect an individual’s heritage.

Recognising and respecting an indivuduals heritage is important as it is one of the things that make them who they are. Their heritage can be used to help identify their likes/dislikes, interests and personal history meaning carers are able to provide care most suited to the individual. It also means carers are able to communicate with them about things such as their hobbies, their childhood and their personal experiences in life.
It shows respect for their culture, language and religion, enables the individual to feel valued and also prevents isolation as it can help maintain or create relationships with others within a social care environment.

1.2 Compare the experience of dementia for an individual who has acquired it as an older person with the experience of an individual who has acquired it as a younger person.

Although being diagnosed with dementia at any point in someones life proves difficult to deal with, younger people may feel more affected as they may find it more difficult to come to terms with. An older person diagnosed with dementia will have different needs to a younger person that has been diagnosed.
Dementia is most commonly associated with the elderly, therefore a younger person may find it more difficult to access help and advice as it is less common in younger people. They may still be working at the time of diagnosis, have financial commitments, dependant children to look after and it may have a greater impact on their social life. The younger you are the more likely you are to get an early diagnosis, meaning the individual might have a greater understanding of how dementia will affect them compared to an older person with dementia.
Being diagnosed as an elderly person is different because they tend to not have as many commitments and may find it easier to accept as it is more common the older you get. Most dementia services are created for the...

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