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Expansion Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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By 1840 many of the population in the east were settling in the west. Many factors led to why many Americans wanted to settle in the west for cheap fertile land, economic opportunities, new technologies, development of transportation, Indian removal, and annexation of the new regions to U.S. and the idea of Manifest Destiny.  
Many of the Americans started to expand their transportation and make it more effective. The only connection they had before expanding was the National Road from east to west. This was not as effective in transporting goods so they started to create turnpikes, but unfortunately this was to expensive to maintain so they started to create new ideas such as the steam boat In 1807, Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston introduced the first steamboat, known as the Clermont. Also other major water way transportation such as the Erie Canal, the Erie Canal, and New York City was linked as well by the Hudson River in the East, and the Great Lakes in the West, all the way to Ohio. The growing canal system linked the major trading and manufacturing centers of the nation which made trading very effective for many farmers.   Also other transportation came into affect such as the railroad creation. Railroads were faster, cheaper, and had greater range than canals. The transportation revolution produced the rapid growth of towns and cities and made shipping and exporting goods much faster and producing more goods and innovations.

The westward expansion led to the vast expansion of American land. The government wanted to enlarge the Union; as a result, six new states joined the Union between 1816 and 1821: Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri. The settlers that settled westward were called pioneers, and they settled on the west banks of the river to facilitate trade. The land in the west was really cheap, and farmers expansions increased Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin, most of them fled west hoping to cultivate cotton and cash...

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