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Expatriate Essay

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An American manager of a large company has been assigned to go to China and work for three years, and he wants to be sure that he is prepared for his assignment. I have prepared this document outlining what should be done and what he should learn. After doing some research I discovered that it is important that he learn that the Chinese has much respect for signs and omens. It is not very popular in the American business world, but it is in China (www.amanet.org). The Chinese are also not as open to foreigners as we Americans are, and it is important to gain a working knowledge of Chinese history. Many of them still feel that we are forcing our way into their country and still view us as imposters. Not only that, some of them can be downright hostile (www.amanet.org). You must be patient in developing your business relationships, and along with their history you need to be aware of their traditions (www.amanet.org). Learning these things are very important to the manager’s success in this country because if he can survive the basics in society then he will have a good chance of surviving in the business world.
To help the expatriate (an individual sent to work temporarily in a country other than his/her legal residence) he will participate in a pre-departure program to help him learn the things listed in the paragraph above as well as technical skills and administrative competencies. No matter what programs he goes through, he is left up to the expatriate whether he adapts or not. The main goal of the pre-departure program is to improve an expatriate’s understanding of the country, raise cultural awareness, and devise practical skills. The expat must also ensure that they have all necessary documentation during pre-departure or they cannot get into the country or work there (Daniels).
During the assignment they need to familiarize themselves with banks, shopping, and socializing to help with the culture shock. It is wise to develop a routine. As stated before...

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