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Expert Systems Essay

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                                                                    Expert Systems
                                                                      Umar Rafiq

An expert system, is an interactive computer based decision tool that uses both facts and heuristics to solve different decision making problems based on knowledge acquired from an expert
An expert system is a model and procedure that exhibits within the specific domain, with a specific domain degree of expertise in problem solving that is comparable to that of a human expert.
An expert system compared with traditional computer

Inference engine Knowledge=Expert System
Algorithim+Data Structures=Program in traditional computer)
First expert system called Dendral was developed in the early 70”s at Stanford UniversityThese are the computer applications which embody some non algothrim expertise for solving certain type of problems. They are used in diagnosing applications. They also play chess, make financial planning decisions, configure computers, and underwrite insurance policies and many other activities which required human expertise before
Components and Interfaces
Knowledge Base: A declarative representation of the expertise often, if then rules
Working Storage: The data which is specific to a problem being solved.
Inference Engine: The code at the core of the system which derives recommendations from the knowledge base and problem specific data in working storage
User Interface: The code that controls the dialog between the user and the system.
Roles of Indivuals who interact with the system
Domain Expert :The indivuals who currently are experts in solving the problems here the system is intended to solve
Knowledge Engineer :The indivual who encodes the expert’s knowledge in a declarative form that can used   by the expert system
User: The indivual...

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