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Explaining Essay

  • Submitted by: rstevens21
  • on October 5, 2012
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Powering Down
    On a simplified level, language works by allowing a vocal or visual means to express thoughts, ideas or emotions. This can be done either through speaking, hand gesturing, or imprinted (writing or art) means. Language is powerful, conveying emotion filled memory, or spurring on an ideal charged with motivating force. When used indiscriminately, language can incite acts of terror and violence; it communicates an urgent need to take aggressive action. When used purposefully, language can soothe wounds like salve on a burn, and turn enemies into friends, impart care, love, or concern. In terms of how language can communicate an action, it is all in the delivery. How does that work? To achieve the completion of a task an order or command must be given and it isn't simply in the asking, either. The request must be given with neither too much force, nor too little authority. Without the right meaning behind it, words are simply words, and can and will be left hanging. Without the proper conviction, the Gettysburg Address would be worthless, Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech would just be mindless banter. This is a society that is lucky enough to have had the power of language used to inspire, rather than destroy.
    When producing a television commercial advertisement, ad executives need to evaluate the intended market audience to determine the most effective way to make a compelling advertisement. Advertising departments employ a variety of techniques to sell their product, and in order to be profitable, they need to be effective in communicating their message, most often in a limited thirty second time frame. According to the article, " Commercial Advertising Techniques" by Chad Buleen, the methods used are as follows: 1. Demographics (appealing to specifics, such as age, gender, education). 2. Dramatic Conflict (in effect, creating a mini-drama, often with a "hero"). 3. Emotion (playing on a specified emotion to gain audience...

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