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Expository Essay

  • Submitted by: nikzzx
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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My name is Nakita Matthews and I’m 19 years of age , the topic I chose for   my Communication Studies   I.A is, ‘ The effects of sexual abuse on teenagers’ . I chose this topic because a close relative was once sexually abused which had a negative impact on my life, investigating this   topic may change my opinion and view on this matter, by getting different opinions   on how to deal with a situation like this and ways in which would help minimize the chances of it occurring . Doing this I.A topic may change my way of thinking, allowing me to become more open minded, accepting that everyone has their own opinion and ways of dealing with situations be it wrong or right, this change in thought can be used academically for example, during class I would pay more attention to the opinions of my peers on a specific topic and learn something new from them.
A primary source and a secondary source was used to collect the data needed to complete this I.A, the research method used for the primary source was the distribution of questionnaires to teenagers between the ages 13 – 19. Twenty questionnaires were distributed to ten females and ten males on November 21st, 2012 between 8:00 am and 1:30 pm, each questionnaire consisted of fifteen questions all based on the topic chosen.   The results of the questionnaires showed that no one was sexually abused but 15% knew someone who was sexually abused and 95% had the opinion that teenagers are more sexually abused by a family member rather than a stranger, when asked how would they react to being sexually abused by a family member 75% chose to report the situation to the police while the remaining 15% chose to deal with the matter themselves and become violent. 70% had the opinion that depression is one of the visible signs of a teenager being sexually abused while 30 % suggested that being anti social is also a visible sign.   Suicide, depression, prostitution, and murder were chosen when asked which results can occur from a...

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