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Exposure, Wilfred Owen Essay

  • Submitted by: zainab96
  • on January 8, 2013
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Exposure is a war peom from a soliders point of view by Wilfred Owen.   Owen used poetry to express his feelings, reality and the horrors of world war 1 and the harsh weathers. He is also telling us some information that most people did not know about. The title conveys this itself ' exposure'. The truth is being 'exposed', further more this peom is describing and potraying the misery the soliders were feeling.
In the first stanza , compelling personification was used to introduce us to the harsh weather conditions   the soliders were facing. " the merciless ices east winds ". The word 'Merciless' mean cruelty and showing no mercy. Merci 'less', which indicates being less mercy, this could suggest that war has no mercy on the soliders and the word iced gives the impression that war is bitter and cold just like the weather conditions not only i think it shows the effect of pain, also it partly shows that everyone (In war) and everything (weather) is against them.
Never the less also in the first stanza wilfred owen uses imagery. For example: " winds that knive us.." The word Knive is a voilent object. The wind that knived them shows voilent actions. In war the opposite soliders fighting are obviously enemies, when Owen says the wind knived them he is tyring to say through words and imagery that the weather condition him and the rest of the crew were in was established as an enemy along side with the opposite soilder enemies. This relfects the whole idea about everything and everyone is against them at that time.
In the third stanza, we know that dawn has arrived but the soliders aren't encouraged. When owen quotes " the poignant misery of dawn begins to grow.." Dawn is the end of a day and the start of a new day, Owen tells us that they start to feel like the war will never end and they will be stuck in this painful position for long, as we know they've been in this place and weather for the minimum of a day. Owen gives us the impression that dawn is causing them...

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