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Fact Sheet Essay

  • Submitted by: suniatkaul
  • on February 18, 2012
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Beer is a type of Alcoholic beverage. The main ingredients of the beer are: Water, Hopes, Barley, and Yeast. It is one of the most popular drink all around the world.
The evidence of the beer existence shows that the history of the beer is connected to the Egypt, Africa and Samaria. However the history of beer tells that the invention of beer was an accident. It was discovered by chance. But now-a-days it spread all over the world.
Today, there are several multinational and small breweries in this industry.
Production Process
The production process of beer is called Brewing. The process of brewing almost same everywhere but slightly varies from brewery to brewery.
Steps of brewing beer:-
Malting- The very first step of the beer making process is malting. In this step, the base grain means barley is germinated to break down the starch into sugar. Barley is steeping in water for two days then dried or roasted in kiln.
Mashing- The dried barley is crashed and mashed in hot water (65°C) for couple of hours. Then this mushed sugary mixture is called Wort.
Boiling- Then the wort is boiled for about an hour in a copper kettle. During the boiling the hops are added in to the mixture for bitterness, aroma and flavor. Now the water in the wort is evaporated and the remaining wort is the main liquid of fermentation.
Cooling- The wort liquid is then cooled down to a temperature of 16°C for fermentation. The liquid is transferred in the fermenting vessel, where the yeast is added.
Fermentation- During the fermentation the wort is converted in to Beer (alcohol and carbon dioxide), which remains from a week to months depending on the type of the beer. When fermentation is completed, yeast settles, leaving the clear beer. The taste of the beer is determined be the quality of yeast and fermentation temperature. Sometimes secondary fermentation is used for better quality and clarity.
Packaging- The last step is packaging. When beer fermentation is...

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