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Factors Hindering Spiritual Growth Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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MESSAGE-:PYPA on 8th june 2008

                                        TOPIC-Factors hindering spiritual growth

Respected Chairperson, Pastor uncle and my dear fellow believers, I greet you all in the precious name of our LORD and saviour Jesus Christ. The   topic for my message today   is factors hindering spiritual growth in the life of a Christian. At the outset I would like to quote the examples of two men who were mightily used by   God. Samson and Saul both were mighty warriors. Both were spirit filled that is how they accomplished many feats. But what happened to them in the end?They both fell prey to the enemy the philistines whom they once defeated   the cause of the downfall-spiritual deterioration or spiritual decline.
The topic of spiritual deterioration is as relevant( infact more relevant )in this present jet age as it was in the days of Saul and Samson.I would like to give you a brief   overview of the factors leading to spiritual declination.

1.The first and the foremost reason is Losing the fear of God .if we look into the history of the Israelites   in the book of judges we will be able to see numerous examples of the Israelites   straying   away from gods word and as result each time they were away from God , God turned them into the hand of their enemies .1 samuel 2:30 says Those who honour me I will honour but those who despise me will be disdained. so my dear belivers if we stop fearing the LORD   he will also disown us and this will be the beginning of spiritual decline in our lives.

2.Another important reason hindering spiritual growth in the life of a believer is Idol worship.God does not dwell in the midst of idols or idol worshippers.1 samuel chapter 4 describes the capture of the ark of covenant by the philistines.After capturing the ark at Ebenezer(House of GOD) the philistines carried the ark of the LORD to the pagan city of Ashdod. They probably carried the ark   as they they were aware of the might of the LORD almighty   and they...

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